Monday, January 18, 2010

Random Ramblings

The title says it all. Today, Martin Luther King Day, Sunny came home from her mini-vacation, and spent the entire day doing homework, chores, and unpacking her suitcase. I begged for her to let me post while she did that stuff, but she still insists I'm "too young" to use her laptop on my own. Oh, well!
On another note, the Liberty Jane contest results were announced this weekend!!! Congrats to Sitara for winning 2nd place out of over 1000 entries, Starr for getting into the top 50 designs, and to anyone else who participated and won the Liberty Jane design contest. Great job!
I know this is a major topic change but I'm so happy about it, I feel like I must let it out! This week is a three day week at my school! As you all know, today most schools were closed for MLK Day, but on Friday there's a teacher planning day so all FMSG students have the entire day off! Noelle, Shannon, and I want to go to the beach for a mid-winter photo shoot, but Sunny isn't sure if she'll be able to take us. I hope so! The beach by Sunny's house is very pretty, especially in early morning and during sunset.
I know this post wasn't very long or very interesting, but that's all I need to say for now. Sunny might be working on her first doll project sometime soon so we'll definitely post about that! Happy Martin Luther King Day!


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