Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Elizabeth Becomes Annabeth

Remember how I mentioned both Sunny and myself are obsessed with the Percy Jackson novels? Well, apparently, so is Elizabeth Cole, which is odd because she seems like the old-fashioned type who'd be into reading Little Women or The Wind in the Willows. Anyways, you're probably wanting to know how I know Elizabeth is obsessed, so here:

She changed her name to... Annabeth Chase.

A lot of you are probably thinking "who the heck is that?" Well, I don't blame you. Annabeth Chase is the heroic, spunky girl character in the series. And the even odder part? Elizabeth looks just like how Annabeth is portrayed in the books. It's scary.
Sunny was a little hesitant about letting Elizabeth change her beautifully classical name, but she agreed to let Eliza- I mean Annabeth go through with it. If you ask me, I doubt Annabeth will keep her new name forever. She'll grow out of the whole Percy Jackson fad eventually.

So, along with her new name, Annabeth found herself some new duds: a modern day jacket, a t-shirt, some shorts, and tennis shoes. It was hard for her to go away from her usual pink dress and high-heels, but, despite my doubts, she did it. :-)

Also, Annabeth is a daughter of the god Athena in the Percy Jackson's so now "Annabeth" is acting like she has magical powers and is a demigod. And everyone's starting to wonder if maybe... oh, never mind, it's probably not true. How could Annabeth really be Annabeth?

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great week. The weekend will be here soon!



  1. Wow, so that's who Annabeth Chase on You-Tube is named after!
    That's cool, I really want to read them! Sounds like they're really good :)

  2. LOL, I've "known" Annabeth Chase the #21 for years, and I never knew she was named after a book character. :o I haven't actually heard of Percy Jackson, either...I guess I've been reading other things (old-fashioned things like Little Women, more like).


  3. Ooohh!! cool!! You should get a doll sized hat and make it in to her (Yankees?) invisibility cap!!!

  4. I just presented my report on the 12 olympians today, my favorite god/dess is Athena, I am just like her, I was even Athena for Halloween! Although I refere to her as Athene.