Friday, January 29, 2010

The New & Improved Victoria

Sunny just finished treating her first "doll hospital" patient, Victoria. Vicki is Sunny's oldest doll (she got Victoria when she was 7) and has been through some pretty rough situations, such as a hair cut, a make-over, and a trip in the pool, so, well, she naturally isn't in the best shape in the world. BUT, with the help of some of stephanswodadancer's videos and other helpful doll care YouTube clips, Sunny has transformed Victoria from a worn AG doll to looking nearly new! Sunny's mom wouldn't let her do a downy dunk on her but she did let Vicki get cleaned with a Magic Eraser and brushed her knotty hair out for Sunny. Anyways, please enjoy the photos of the new and improved Victoria!
Vicki Now
Vicki Then
Vicki's skin is much improved and her hair is much more manageable than before. Magic Eraser and a good brushing really does work!


Notice that Victoria's skin is now the same color as Gwen's and Gwen was just bought back in October!

Hope you liked the photos! Sunny and Victoria were very happy with the results. :) Happy Friday!



  1. Vicki looks great! Her spa day really did wonders!


  2. I'm pretty glad you weren't able to do a downy dunk! I don't know if I just did it wrong, but it did nothing when I did it on Mia. did make her hair smell like fabric softener. I probably just did it wrong, though..... :)
    I'm glad you were able to fix up Victoria! She looks great in Lanie's Butterfly outfit!

  3. Wow, Victoria looks a lot newer! :D She looks great in Lanie's Butterfly Outfit, too!


  4. She looks pretty. I'm not sure exactly when AGMA starts, probably in two weeks or so. Possibly before that. As soon as they announce the winner/s. I'll comment on your youtube page or something like that when the put up the audition video.