Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lanie Holland: Reviews & Opinions

As most of you all know, the new Girl of the Year is Miss Lanie Holland, a nature-loving 10-year-old girl. Her collection debuted on January 1st, and it is very, very, very cute. I'm already begging Sunny for the Butterfly Dress, which would be perfect when it gets warmer out and her Garden Outfit, as well. Below Sunny and I decided to write our opinions on each item in Lanie's collection so far. :-)

Lanie Doll & Book
The Lanie doll is very cute. Her blonde hair and hazel eyes are very unique, as is her fashionable side-bang hair 'do. The blue/green striped polo-styled dress Lanie arrives in is adorable, although it appears it might be a little short. I really want the blue/yellow flats...I love the little bow! Her headband looks really pretty in her curly, white-blonde hair, but the headband Sunny's sister got with Emily doesn't fit too well. I'm not sure if Lanie's headband is the same way. Over all, Lanie is a very cute doll and her "meet" outfit is perfect for the summer or late spring! She id definitely a doll someone might want to add to their collection! (Hint, hint, Sunny . . .)

Butterfly Outfit
Lanie's Butterfly Dress is, in my opinion, one of the cutest spring dresses AG has released! I love the style of the orange cardigan and the red dress. The sandals are very summery and the monarch butterfly hair clips are clever and cute. Sunny got an American Girl gift card for Christmas so she might be purchasing me this dress for a Valentine's Day or Easter party.

Accessories Set
This set is very cool, the laptop especially! It's really neat looking and it could be useful for us doll bloggers. The bunny is cute, as well. The bag is the only part that makes Sunny not so interested in the set. It says "Lanie" on it and none of her dolls are Lanie or are named Lanie so the bag wouldn't be used much if we were to get the set, which we probably aren't. As for the bracelet, I love it!!! I like the beads and heart on it, and I like that the beads are blue, my favorite color. All in all, this is a very nice set.
Garden Outfit
Lanie's Garden Outfit is perfect for the summer time! The tank top, shorts, and sandals look good for mix-matching and, again, I love the bracelet. I think this outfit would be great for going to the beach or the park. Very adorable!
Nightgown (PJ's)
These pajamas look very comfy! Also, Sunny thought the monkey looked like an orange version of Jess's monkey, Toshi.
Lanie's camper is awesome! It has a shower, a kitchenette, a cork board, and a fold-out bed. It really is a cool AG product... despite the price. This camper is extremely expensive! I don't think Sunny'll be getting this anytime soon... unless she saves her allowance for about 3 years! LOL!
Lanie's Hammock
Lanie's hammock is very neat! I love how all her stuff revolves around the outdoors. Love the polka dot fabric!
Wildlife Set
Cute woodland animals, what more could you ask for? The squirrel is my favorite, the owl is little bit creepy looking. I like how the set comes with butterflies, too. They match the butterfly clip that comes with the Butterfly Outfit.
Raccoon & Can Set
Very neat set! The raccoon is adorable, and the trash can is probably the first trash can AG has made.
(These pictures belong to the American Girl Co.! They are NOT mine.)
So that's Lanie's collection! It's a really interesting collection with all the animals and the camper. I'm very excited to start reading Lanie's books and see what else AG will make for this environmental GOTY. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on Lanie and her collection, too!

Happy New Year!



  1. Lanie is pretty! I like her, her eyes and hair are look cute! The butterfly dress is my absolute favorite as well.

  2. I love Lanie! She is so pretty! :) I'm not going to get her, but it would be cool if Sunny did!

    I did, however, buy Lanie's Garden Outfit for Luna today, along with some other things! I can't wait 'til it comes, and I will surely review it.