Friday, January 1, 2010

First Post of 2010!!!

Hi, everyone! Happy New Year!!!
This is my first post of 2010 and the first post of the new decade! Can you believe 2009 is already over? It seemed like it was just yesterday Sunny was ringing in the new year last December 31st, back in 2008.
To start the year (and end the last) I just wanted to mention some awesome things that have happened to Sunny and I during 2009. It was such a great year for us!

*Rebecca, Gwen, Shannon, and Piper joined Sunny's doll family.
*Sunny's family got Gus, their cute french bulldog puppy.
*I got to go to Disney World!
*Sunny went camping at Fort de Soto Park with Jane and I.
*And I started this blog!

I'm somewhat sad the decade is over, but I am definitely eager to start another. Once again, Happy New Year, everyone, and happy holidays!


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