Monday, February 1, 2010

Betta Fish, Perms, & Modeling

I know, I know; this post title is rather random, but, well, it fits this post perfectly! Besides even more prepping for the Spelling Bee, which is on Friday, we've been dealing with all three of the things in the title.
For one, Sunny bought a betta fish, which she named Zsa Zsa (after a famous actress) on Saturday and has been obsessing over her. Shannon seemed to be in love with the little fish, too. She kept trying to stick her hand in the tank to pet it.
Perms is another topic of interest this weekend, as well. Sunny decided to give Vicki a perm (okay, more like she just put her hair in curlers for a day) on Sunday and it turned out really pretty! Although Victoria isn't one to brag, she seemed to be holding herself back from showing off her beautiful, curly hair.
As for the last topic, modeling, I have joined DollModeling's (YouTube) modeling agency! Yay! If any of you want to join or are interested in joining click here. It would be awesome if some of you could join! Also, Sunny is thinking about entering another one of us in AGMA when the new season starts, not me though since I'm already in ADMA. Any suggestions on who she should enter???
Well, that's that. Hope everyone is having a good Monday (well, as good as a Monday can be) and a great week. More posts soon!


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