Thursday, February 4, 2010

Annabeth's Camp Half-Blood T-Shirt

As you all probably know Elizabeth is now Annabeth, the heroine in the Percy Jackson series. To go with her new identity, Sunny made Annabeth her very own Camp Half-Blood t-shirt. She used a patch she bought at Borders and a plain white t-shirt bought from Michael's. It only cost Sunny about $5 total.
She also made Annabeth a camp necklace, which is mentioned in the books quite a few times. Each Camp Half-Blood camper is given a necklace, and each year at camp a new bead is also given. On Annabeth's necklace there are seven beads, representing the seven years she has spent at camp.
Below are some pictures of Annabeth in her shirt and necklace. Sunny also gave her a doll baseball cap from the AG Softball set to use as her "invisibility cap", but was unable to picture it. Thanks for the idea, Chrissa from Alex & Chrissa's Wonderful Blog!
By the way, the Spelling Bee is tomorrow! I've been studying like crazy. I hope all this hard work pays off and I beat Nellie. Bye!



  1. Oooh it looks great!! Madison wants to do this for us too! And your welcome for the idea. :)

  2. That looks great! Annabeth is so pretty. Good luck at the spelling bee.

  3. I have yet to read the books to the series, but I can't wait until the Percy Jackson movie. Good luck on the spelling bee! Also, how do you get the snow on your page?