Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Season Three of AGMA

Wow, I can't believe Season 3 of American Girl Modeling Academy (AGMA) has started already! I am so excited! Unfortunately, since I am already participating in All Doll Modeling Academy (ADMA) I wasn't able to enter but.... guess who did?

Congratulations, Shannon! I hope you will go far in the competition. :)

Her entry is posted on our YouTube channel. The pictures took Sunny and Shannon a really long time to take and we only compiled the best of them. It's probably not the best audition ever but hopefully it's good enough to get Shannon to the next round.

Speaking of modeling, my next assignment for ADMA is due in two weeks! I cannot wait. I'll probably work on my audition over the weekend. The theme is "all about me" so I have to take pictures that reflect my personality, I guess. It sounds like a really fun topic!

Sorry for such a short post, everyone. I hope I can make a nice long post soon! :)



  1. ADMA sounds like fun...goold luck! Congrats to Shannon, too!
    I'd love to model...*sigh*

  2. Same!! I'd love to model!!! Good luck Shannon!

  3. Hey, it's Emmalee from Picasa :) Shannon is gorgeous... *sigh* I hope she goes far in AGMA! It sounds so fun; not sure if I want to enter Ashley or Callie, or even enter at all :P Good luck to both you and Shannon!

  4. That modeling thing sounds fun! And Shannon is very pretty. Too bad I'm probably too busy to enter, but...I hate to say it... but it's right up Meredith's alley. Is it too late for her?


  5. I hope Shannon does well. The pictures look great! Good luck!