Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I am so so SO happy that today is Saturday. I was so busy this week it wasn't even funny! I had soccer practice Wednesday night, guitar lessons on Thursday, and the Junior Olympics opening ceremonies were last night. I'm so sorry! :(
Well, finally I can say I was able to post! But today hasn't been rest and relaxation for Sunny and I... quite the opposite actually. I had a Junior Olympics meet-up for soccer this morning and Sunny was working on this Oklahoma! video that didn't turn out so well. When I got home she said she had watched a bunch of YouTube videos and found something that we might be able to work with: vdag's Ruthie in Dreamland. The video was absolutely amazing. Sunny thought it was so cool, she made her own version, except with Rebecca. Click here to see the video. I hope you like it, but remember: all storyline credit goes to vdag94, it was NOT our original idea!!!
Not much has been going on here in FMSG, though. I've been prepping for my trip to the AG B&B mostly. I already know what I'm going to wear!
Well, happy weekend, everyone. I got to go watch the Olympics now! :)


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