Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It has been so rainy here. There's nothing like a dull, boring day to bring your spirits down. To top it off, I have an essay and two projects due on Monday. This is going to be one long weekend...
Well, I guess rain isn't always bad because today Sunny and I went outside to scout out the deepest puddles. I love jumping in puddles but Sunny says it's "hazardous to my cloth body". After a previous puddle incident with Victoria (long story) I think I'll take her word for it. But even though I wasn't allowed to jump in the puddles it was still fun exploring the front yard.
Everything seemed to shimmer with rain and the sky was an unusual color of gray. Unfortunately, the darkness didn't exactly make for good pictures. I did take a few, though, as you can see.
So that's pretty much all that's been going on here in Florida. I can't wait for springtime when the sun is always shining and every weekend I can hang out at the beach... this weather is just too depressing!
On a more positive note, only 28 more days until Georgia!!! I can't wait. AG B&B, here I come!



  1. Hey Cali, sorry about the sucky weather. It's nice and sunny (but chilly) here in Loozeanna.
    I haven't seen Meredith's audition tape and don't care to see it, lol. But I know it's out there. Kit told me she saw Meredith in the computer lab, and that's how I found out about it.
    Oh, and I accept your apology, I know you were just trying to help. I'm sorry for coming down so hard. Friends? :)

    Haley (:

  2. The weather here has been terrible as well! I should be used to inclement weather, though, since I am from Lille…but I guess I’m not. I really can’t wait for spring!

  3. I agree, the weather can really be a downer. It's been snowing like non-stop here, but since I love the snow, I don't really mind. Rain on the other hand is a bit depressing. :(