Saturday, September 5, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Sunny is so confused! She almost has enough money for her 10th doll (not counting her little sister's 6 dolls) and she has no idea what doll to get! She really wants Rebecca Rubin because she loves her hair and she'd be a great friend for the 1904 girls, Samantha and Nellie (ick!) but then AG throws all these adorable new JLYs in the mix and she doesn't know what to do. I'm pretty sure she's still getting Rebecca but who knows? Sunny can be SO indecisive!

OMG! The Melody Valerie Fall/Winter 2009 line has come out and all the dresses are just beautiful! I'm hoping Sunny might get me a  dress for my birthday, which is in November but she's probably getting some Rebecca things like the Hanukkah Dress and her Movie Dress, both really gorgeous AG products. The dresses could double as dresses for Sam and Nellie since all they have are their meet dresses and their PJ's. 

Today Grandma practiced french-braiding on Jane's beautiful auburn hair and it looked pretty good. Jane loves getting her hair done so she was the first doll to volunteer. My hair's too short for french braiding but Sunny has braided my hair in pigtails before. 

Front view:

Back view:

Anyways, today is the start of a great three-day weekend! Sunny might go out to dinner tonight and take me! I've never actually been "out to dinner" but Vicki says it's really fun. Vicki was Sunny's first doll so she's gone to many places (Walt Disney World with Nellie and Sunny's friend, Kaylie's Molly and even the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina). I can't wait!

Bye! Have a great labor day weekend, everyone! :-)



  1. Jane's hair looks pretty! I love french-braids, but it takes a lot of patience for someone to french-braid my hair since it's so thin. Actually, I've seen french-braids in #21's hair before though it's sort of hard to do I think.


  2. Get Rebecca! She's for sure one of my favorite dolls! : )

    - Bree