Thursday, September 3, 2009


It seems like everyone is going crazy over the new AG stuff and it's no surprise! Sunny thinks a lot of the new JLYs are adorable (red hair green eyes and black/brown hair green eyes are her favorites!) and a few of the new outfits she really likes as well. She's been loaded with homework so she hasn't seen the historical outfits yet but she wants to as soon as possible. I totally was not suspecting AG to come out with about 20 new dolls! It's just awesome! Now Sunny is unsure of what doll to buy- she still wants Rebecca but the red haired, green eyed AG doll is a doll she's really considering getting since it looks nothing like any of the other dolls she and her sis own. Choosing the right doll is really hard, I guess!

Anyway, my school picturess were today and I think mine turned out okay. What do you think?
School's been pretty good. I like all my classmates! Senora Montoya is very nice and funny! And most importantly, I am having fun! Today we did a science lab where we had to dissect owl pellets with little tweezer things and we had to wear plastic gloves. It was kind of gross (okay, REALLY gross) but at least it was interesting!



  1. You KNOW your pretty, Cali! ; )
    I think your picture is awesome.

    I know! I wasn't expecting A.G to come out with all this stuff either! I love the new dolls.

    - Kit

  2. I know, 20 new dolls at once is insane!!! I like most of the new things though.
    I like your school picture, it turned out great. I'm glad you're having a good time at school.

  3. Your school pic is beautiful!
    Some people think that AG photocopied?!? They wouldn't do that though, that'd totally ruin their worth. Everyone that's like the new JLY's have liked the green-eyed-Ruthie! She's So beautiful, maybe my next doll ;)