Thursday, September 10, 2009

"My Life" Essay & Other Stuff

Finally, I am excited about a homework project! Today Senora Montoya assigned an essay due Monday about our life. Basically, it's an autobiography. Since I love writing this project is going to be a breeze. Already I finished my first three paragraphs (it's supposed to be 7 to 10) and I am really excited- I might even post the essay when I finish! Sunny says that she knows I'll get an A but I'm not so sure. I get so nervous when it comes to essays and tests. Speaking of tests, my first one is tomorrow!!! It's technically a "pop quiz" but somehow word always leaks out that there's one. It's on math (my not-so-best subject) but I am studying!
So, how has school been for you?

My desk! This is where I do all my homework :-)
I am still in shock about Angel! She is just so cute and lovable...she's the best dog ever! Today I taught her how to shake and roll over. It's amazing how obedient Angel is! 
Oh, I almost forgot! There's been an update on Madi's move and it's NOT a good one :-(. Instead of staying at FMSG until winter hiatus, she's now saying that her parents want her to transfer right after Halloween on November 2nd! When I asked her why, she said, "My parents want me to go there as soon as possible!" That's when I thought of that snob, Nellie! What parents want their child at a school where her peers set such a horrible example? I didn't say any more of it. I guess I'm just going to have to face the facts that Madi won't be at FMSG with me my whole life.

I guess this post was sort of boring but I just wanted to keep you all updated with things! I do have a surprise though and it will be revealed on the next post. Keep checking back for the special post... ;-)


  1. That is such a bummer that Madi is leaving early. I wish she would stay and be nicer!