Monday, September 14, 2009

Disney World, Here I Come!

Sometimes birthdays can be the greatest things in the world. This is one of those times. Sunny's parents just informed her that for her birthday she's going to Disney World...and I'm coming along! It's too good to be true! I mean some people never go to Disney World in their entire lives and I'm GOING! Hip-hooray! Happy Birthday, Sunny!
BTW, we're going on Friday, two days before her birthday (Friday the 18th) and leaving on the 20th, her birthday. I am so excited it's not even funny! Sunny's parents are keeping the Disney hotel a surprise so we don't have too much information on that but we do know that we're going to Animal Kingdom during the day and either MGM (now Hollywood Studios) or Magic Kingdom at night. It's going to be great :-)
*This picture belongs to the Walt Disney Company and is from Wikipedia. It is not mine.

Another great thing about the trip is that I get to leave school early on Friday, right after 5th period. I am so happy about that because my last subject is science and I *stink* at science.
Anyways, Sunny is hoping to get some AG stuff for her birthday and a few $$$ to put towards her Rebecca fund, as she calls it. I am really excited about the new friend! Hopefully, she'll come soon...
Well, that's all for today! Bye :-)

PS: Do you like my new signature?


  1. Hi Cali!
    That is SOOOO cool! Disney land is awesome, though...... I've never been there :D
    I LOVE the new signature! Blue is an amazing color!

  2. Thats awesome! I have only been to Disneyland. Hope she gets some awesome stuff! Here is A virtual $5 for her! (okay so you can't do any thing with it but whatever)
    Bye! Jenna

  3. Awesome! I hope you have fun at Disneyworld! Nellie and I went to Disneyland back in was a lot of fun! You'll have a great time!

    Good luck to Sunny on her Rebecca fund! Starr had one of those, but I think she already ordered her. o.O

  4. Cali, you're soooo lucky you get to go with Sunny to Disney World! What a great present! I hope you love it! :) Also, Happy Birthday Sunny! ;)

    I love your new signature! Pioneer's favorite color is blue.

    I hope Sunny gets Rebecca! Beckie is truly a beautiful doll. Her hair is manageable unlike some other curly-haired dolls, and it's also a gorgeous shade of brown. I hope she'll like her! :)

    Have fun at Disney World!

  5. Yeah! I hope that you have a wonderful time! I live by Disneyland, but I have never been to Disneyworld. Tell everyone how it is. Happy birthday!

  6. Sounds fun! I've never been to Disney World, so post lots and lots of pictures. ;)


  7. Awesome! Have lots of fun for all of us at Disney World!

  8. Congrats! Disney world id A LOT of fun! Believe me, I've been three times!