Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monkey Slippers

One things for certain: Rebecca Rubin needs to get with the times! She's very nice, very funny and very dramatic but she's really stuck in the past. Today I was trying on Grandma's monkey slippers (they are the most comfortable slippers in the entire universe) and was walking around Sunny's room in them. Most of the other dolls were playing with the Wii in the living room but I didn't really feel like virtually bowling. So I put on the slippers and started dancing to my favorite rock 'n' roll song, which I clicked on, on my iPod. Apparently, Rebecca had left her novel in Sunny's room and was coming in to get it. I was totally embarassed to be caught dancing in giant monkey slippers.

"What in the world are you listening to?" Rebecca asked over the jamming music, completely ignoring the fact that I had on size 9 monkey slippers.

"Metallica," I answered, simply. I was sure she'd heard of the band before.

"Never heard of them! Their music is much too loud, though. I myself prefer Chopin and Beethoven," she said, grabbing her book, Wizard of Oz.

Then she left.

I was shocked she didn't even say a word about me dancing in huge monkey slippers but about what music I was listening to! That just proves that I need to convert Rebecca from a classical music lover stuck in the early 1900's to a contemporary music lover, like me!



  1. Haha Rebbecca DOES need help with converting into time. Cute story!

  2. I like classical music, just like Rebecca. I think that is a nice story!

    PS- Sometimes, I wish I had soft monkey slippers (size nine is almost my size!)!

  3. Maybe Rebecca has better music taste than you? :P If she likes that sorta music, don't plung her into heavy metal straight off!

  4. Hey Cali!
    Wow that's funny. That's exactly the thing I would do LOL. Dancing around the room is my secret talent! Maybe if you want Rebecca to come more into "this century" then you could play her some jazzie music. She seems to like piano. There's alot of Jazz piano artists!
    Ps. Love your outfits!

  5. Maybe you could take Rebecca to a concert or something. She might enjoy that.....

    - Mia from Kit's Newspaper blog