Saturday, September 12, 2009


Okay, I bet you're dying to know what the surprise is so.........

It's a new website!!! Sunny got the idea of making it a few days ago but she created it last night and she is still getting used to how it works. Basically, it's a "social network" for girls who love AG dolls or want AG dolls so they can comment and post pictures of dolls they own or dolls they want. Sunny joined and someone else has, too. It's a great site but Sunny likes blogspot way better. She'll be posting on here as much as she has but she'll be staying updated on her new site as well. Hope you like it!!!

Also, Sunny's friend, Maggie auditioned for a school musical today (Cinderella) and she brought me along! It was so much fun watching all the boys and girls sing. Maggie did really well. I hope she gets a good part! She wanted to take pics of me but you're not allowed to use cameras during auditions. So I'll just remain picture-less for today :-(

My essay is coming along very well. I can't wait to post it on here on Monday! I think I did extremely good. Let's hope Senora Montoya thinks so, too! 

Also, yesterday was 9/11, a very tragic day in American history. It was 8 years ago but Sunny still remembers the day it happened. I give my greatest sympathy to those who have lost loved ones in that terrible event and to anyone who knew someone who lost a loved one. I'm proud to be an American Girl!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!! See you soon :-)



  1. hi cali! i just joined sunny's website. it's cool!

  2. Good luck with Sunny's website! How do you get your picture up at the top like you do?