Tuesday, October 20, 2009

School Elections???

Yep, the FMSG elections begin next week and then the week after that (the day before Halloween) the actual votes are cast. Everyone who wants to run has to notify Assistant Principal Johannsen and get signatures of approval from all their teachers by Friday. Noelle, Jane, and even Gwen are pestering me to run, but I'm not so sure. I mean, am I really presidential material?

Who's Running for What (as of today):
Secretary: Samantha Parkington
Rebecca Rubin
Treasurer: Noelle Greene
Molly McIntire
Vice-president: Elizabeth Cole
Julie Albright
President: Kirsten Larson

If I don't decide to run Kirsten will win just because no one else volunteered. Kirsten is nice and all but she can get sort of bossy. She says it's just because she cares about things, but I think she's just a natural leader. Maybe I should run. What do you think?

Madi is obviously not running because of the fact she's moving in only 2 weeks! I am so sad. Losing my best friend feels terrible. :-( I just wish there was something I could do to let her know that even though we won't be at the same school, we're still going to stay friends...

Bye!!! Updates on the election will be posted soon :-)



  1. I think that you should run. How fun it would be to have the job of being the class president! I feel sorry for you, about Madi moving! I know exactly how it feels. Good luck in the elections!

  2. Madi might at least stay at the same school as you if you tell her what Nellie said to you.

  3. I don't really know if you should run or not, it depends on what you think. Do you want to be it? Do you think you will have the time to do it? Would you slack?
    I fell so sorry for you about Madi moving:(

  4. I think I go to the same school as you! Where do you go? I go to Pacific Valley Academy for Girls. I hope you do, because I didn't hear about all that. If we do, then I want to be Secretary!!!!!!!! SIGN ME UP!!!
    LOLA BEAN!!!!! :)