Friday, October 30, 2009

The votes are in

Yes, the elections were today, and sadly I lost :-( I tried my hardest and that's all that matters. I'm sure Kirsten will be a great president; she deserves it more than I do. With the whole archiving thing stressing her out, I think it'll be nice for her to concentrate on something more positive for a change.
Also, tomorrow is 10/31/09 a.k.a HALLOWEEN!


I am "booing" all of my readers, which means that you have to tell a spooky story on your blog either about Halloween or any other time you were really, really freaked out. I'll start:

Last Halloween I went trick-or-treating with Maggie's doll Mia. Mia is very nice and sweet, but she is a total scaredy cat! I persuaded her (somehow!) to go with me into the haunted house our neighbor's had set up across the street. We walked in and scary music started to play, and creepy guys in zombie clothes started jumping out at us, and chasing us. Even I, a horror movie fanatic, was a tad bit scared, so I knew Mia was probably wanting to cry. But, I looked over at her and she was laughing like she was having the best time EVER! It amused me so much that the queen of wimps (no offense, Mia! You rock!) was less scared than I was so then I started to laugh. The other people in the haunted house probably thought we were crazy!

Alright, that was my spooky story (okay, it wasn't that spooky but it did have to do with Halloween, so there!) so I encourage you all to write your own! I am anxious to read some of your funny/creepy Halloween experiences. I know I have way more than just that one!

Anyways, tonight I carved a pumpkin and it was very fun. Sunny said my pumpkin turned out great, but I'm not so sure I agree. What do you think???
Sunny has been, of course, going nuts over her puppy. She thinks he is so cute, and he is! She has two french bulldogs (Finn and Gus) and a cross between a frenchy and pug named Doc.

Have a great night, and see you tomorrow with a special Halloween post!



  1. I'm sorry you didn't win! :( Happy Halloween, Cali!

  2. Sorry you didn't win, better luck next time!

    Oh, and my Halloween story is on my blog, on the post before my latest. :)