Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

Happy October! If you didn't already know, today is the first day of October and Halloween is exactly 30 days away! YAY! Halloween is a really fun holiday...I just love getting all that candy-especially snickers!
Today Sunny started to take our annual autumn photos. Each season she takes new pics of us as our "portraits". My summer portrait was taken in Yosemite and is the picture of me standing on a fence in front of a lake. This picture can be seen in the sidebar under "Frosted Meadows Girls". She only has done Kirsten, though, so far. Here are the pictures:

Did you like the pics? Sunny was trying to experiment with photo editing and she thinks that it looks pretty cool. I think the pink lettering in Kirsten Larson could've been a little brighter because it's a bit hard to see, though. If you have any photo taking tips, Sunny and I would love to hear them!


  1. I love them! Kirsten looks gorgeous! I really like the pink 'Kirsten Larson'.


    Beckie Rubin

  2. Ooh beautiful pics Cali! We love the balck and white one :D

  3. I love the pictures!!!! Thanks for commenting!!! I followed you just now!!! Can you follow me back??? If I got to your blog sooner I would have voted that Samantha is the best historical doll!!!!!
    Lola :0)

  4. Very cute pictures! I can't believe that Kirsten is going to be retired. : (

  5. Kirsten is stunning! I love those pictures.