Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hey, everyone, I know this is VERY, VERY, VERY off-topic...but Sunny just got a puppy!!! She is so happy and so am I! He is so cute and so big (well, compared to me, but compared to humans he is very small). Sunny asked me to post a few pictures of him today, so I have picked a few of my favorites. The lighting has been sort of bad lately since it's been really rainy, but they are overall really CUTE! Enjoy :-)
(Gus with Grandma)(Gus with Sunny)
Doesn't he look like Gus from Cinderella??? Photo credit: google images

(Goodnight, Gus!)

BTW, Gus is a french bulldog puppy, age 13 weeks. Bye!



  1. He is ADORABLE! He is so tiny, and I love French bulldogs! I like the third picture; his ears are the cutest things! I love puppies (dogs in general) and I think that he is too cute. Tell Sunny that she has a beautiful puppy!

  2. LOL he is so cute! Too bad I'm allergic to dogs, lol.


  3. He is adorable! That name is genius! He really does look like that Gus!
    Lola :)