Saturday, October 24, 2009

School Elections: UPDATE

I've decided to run for president...okay, more like forced to run. Kirsten has been getting extra bossy lately (I think she's still upset about the whole "archiving" thing) and has been taking her bossy-ness out on all my friends! It's very annoying. SO....Julie, Noelle, Jane, Samantha, Elizabeth, Gwen, and Victoria came to my dorm and practically begged me to run so they don't have to deal with bossy Kirsten 24/7. "I really don't think Kirsten's being mean, she's just trying to be an effective class president," I had said, trying to get out of running.
"I don't think so!" Julie exclaimed. "She yelled at me because I was passing notes to Madi during science. Who does she think she is....Senora Montoya???"
"Don't be so hard on her," I said. "She'll definitely try her best to make FMSG a great place to learn. I mean, the locker clean-up day sounds like a fantastic idea! No way do I have more to offer."
"Come on, Cali," Elizabeth a.k.a Lizzie replied. "You are full of wonderful ideas! Remember that time you wanted to have the entire 6th grade class read to the elementary school once a month? That was a very good idea, right girls?"
My friends nodded.
"We-ell," I sighed. "I guess I'll run. I mean, that was a good idea. And, I do have a lot more up my sleeves! Heck, I even know a good idea for the campaign posters. This could actually be more fun than I thought!"
My friends high-fived me, excitedly and we started working on the posters. Here's my favorite campaign poster:
I think it looks really professional. This presidential thing isn't as bad as I thought! Uh-oh, gotta go! Sunny's taking me to the pumpkin patch now :-) Bye!



  1. That is so neat! Good for you... I think you'd be a great president!

  2. Good luck! :) I like the poster! I think you'd make a great president. Maybe Kirsten could be vice president? I don't think she means to be bossy.
    Sorry I haven't commented much lately, I've been pretty busy.
    By the way: Love the monster mash video! It is so cute and hilarious!

  3. Good luck in running for class president! In England we have school council, I was it last year.
    I am so sorry that Kirsten is being bossy! But then again, she IS being archived which is a pretty big deal!
    My Kirsten is just being extra quite. She says that she could've at least gotten a movie of er own!