Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Sunny has finally picked out all of her dolls' (and Madi's) costumes! Here's a list of each doll and her costume:

Samantha: Minnie Mouse
Kirsten: space girl
Noelle: Pocohontas
Elizabeth: geisha
Nellie: ice skater
Julie: Sleeping Beauty
Rebecca: angel
Jane: Ariel (mermaid)
Madi: Austin Powers
Victoria: gypsy

And last but not least....

ME! I'm being a butterfly fairy! Sunny got this costume from Michael's and she fell in love with it. How do I look???



  1. Aww, you look gorgeous! Oh, BTW, I was driving (well, not me, but I was in the car) the other day and saw a road called Hazelwood! It made me think of your Picasa url... xP

  2. Wow, beautiful! Spencer is thinking of getting a doll just like you and naming her Meggie, to be my twin! I'm so excited SD We saw that outfit at Michaels! Adorable on you! I don't know what I'm being yet...
    Ps. I LOVE your new header!