Friday, October 16, 2009

A Post By Gwen

Hi, everyone, Gwen here! It's my first turn on the computer (with 16 girls under one roof, computer time is limited!) and Cali has allowed me to write a blog entry about my first few days at FMSG. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming- even Nellie....sorta. Cali says Nellie is cold to just about everyone and I was lucky she even said "hi" to me when I arrived. I don't think Nellie is someone I want to hang around............

Julie was nice, too, of course, but since she's my cousin I'm not sure that counts. She seemed so happy that I was transferring to FMSG when I told her the news that I thought she might burst! It was fun talking to her and seeing how she was doing. After we caught up, Cali informed us that everyone was going outside to jump in the piles and piles of leaves Sunny and her sister had raked earlier that day. As you can see, FMSG is a pretty awesome school-way cooler than that boring neighboring school, Madame Montez Academy. Ironically, Nellie goes there! :-P

Oh, I almost forgot about the poem Victoria wrote for me on the day I arrived. I was just sitting in my dorm, feeling totally bored and homesick, when this girl with brown hair, blue eyes, and an array of freckles walked in, grinning. "Hey, Gwen," said the girl. "I wrote this for you. I know that being the new girl can be hard at first." That was so nice, I was thinking! "Thanks," I replied. Victoria smiled, handed me the poem, and left me to read it in my dorm. It was so good! The poem was basically about feeling nervous on a first day and overcoming that fear. It was the perfect picker-upper EVER!!! That just proved why FMSG is such an amazing school...everyone is super nice!!! It felt good knowing that I had friends even during my first hour at the school. :-)

I have a feeling this is going to be one good school year.



  1. I am glad that your transfer of schools turned out great! I know that you'll have a great time at FMSG, Gwen! Good luck in school.

  2. Victoria sounds really nice! Our school isn't normal either :D It's more of a fun school, half of the day we do certain subjects, like designing or things that are fun, and the rest of the time we have to do normal subjects. I'm glad you like your school!