Friday, October 2, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

Yep, I was tagged by Rose and friends from *Roses Are Read* so I need to tell a funny story. Here it is!

One afternoon Jane and I visited our local park. The park has this long wide stream that's really shallow and rocky. The only way to get to the other side of the stream is to slowly step from stone to stone until you can reach the riverbank. We've been to this park and crossed this stream many times so we weren't expecting to slip. But we did. As I stepped on the second to last rock, I lost my footing and fell into the water. I was soaked! Jane was laughing like crazy, which made me really mad. But then, right as she stepped over to the bank she stumbled on a slippery, mossy rock and went tumbling down into the water. We were both WET. Very wet. We couldn't stop giggling for at least 10 minutes. People who were at the park and saw us probably thought we were nuts. :-P

I tag Bella, Haley, Wendy and Kit from Kit's Newspaper Blog and dollsandmoredolls :-) Happy tagging!



  1. LOL that's funny! We were tagged by Rose to....there's to many humiliating stories to think of XD

  2. That's really funny! I like how you put the names of the girls in Frosted Meadows in your sidebar.

  3. I was tagged and it was my first time ever being tagged so I didn't know what to do! Are you allowed to tag someone whose already been tagged? Because I think I accidentally tagged you and you've already been tagged.
    Lola :(