Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Fall Portraits Are Done

Sunny has *finally* finished the fall portraits! She has done all of her dolls and she thinks we all look very lovely. Click here to see the album. Most of the photos are photoshopped. Sunny isn't that good at photoshopping, but the pictures didn't turn out terrible. My hair was styled in this cute 'do where Sunny braided both sides and gathered them in a bun in the back. It took her forever to do the style without it looking like a total mess :-P!

Anyways, Halloween is right around the corner! Sunny almost has everyone's costumes picked out (she still has to get Noelle a costume) and she's in the process of decorating her room with cobwebs and other Halloween-ish decorations. After Christmas, Halloween is Sunny's favorite holiday. I think mine, too!

Also, something is coming in the mail soon... but I won't say what! Let's just say the money Sunny was saving for Rebecca didn't go to waste! :-)




  1. I think my favorite holiday is when ever my Mom gives me presents! I checked out your album and I think it's really cool! I especially love Noelle's picture. No offense to Nellie!!!
    Lola :)

  2. I loved them all Cali! Can you believe neither me nor Nicki have Hallowe'en costumes yet? Thing is, I might not be trick-or-treating this year :(

  3. They are so cute! I like the one with Samantha and the pumpkin. They are all very creative. Happy Halloween!