Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back-To-School Shopping and Other Stuff ;-)

Howdy, fellow bloggers! It's Cali here. Today I went back-to-school shopping with Sunny and we got a bunch of stuff for Frosted Meadows. I like back-to-school shopping because I love looking for backpacks and lunchboxes and supplies- it's really fun! So far I've gotten a pink and white backpack, a Coca-Cola brand lunch box, a calculator, a pink Trapper-Keeper, a notebook and a new watch. I laid out all my new stuff on the floor of Sunny's bedroom (as well as my first day of school outfit but that will remain a secret!) and took a pic of it. I just love my lunch box and it was only a dollar from Target. Sunny said that that was a steal! 
Also, I would like to announce the winner of my club name poll. The winner is....... the Drama Queens!!! Thanks to all of you who have voted and/or suggested names for the poll. They were all great ideas ;-) At our club meeting on Sunday afternoon we watched the Sound of Music and had popcorn. I couldn't get "16 Going On 17" out of my head the rest of the day! It was such a good movie/musical!
With school approaching Sunny has been getting more nervous than ever. She likes school but she has so much homework it can be overwhelming. I am going in to 6th Grade so I hope I have less homework than her. I'm not exactly the studious type... Anyways, I am working on a 6th Grade math booklet FMSG gave all the 5th Graders to prepare them for junior high over the summer. It's pretty much review but it still seems more hard than the stuff in 5th Grade. ;-(
Well, that's pretty much it. Later today I'm going shoe shopping (I need a new pair of sneakers) and then I have a Jazz Club practice. Bye!!! :-D



  1. I really love your lunchbox! I think I may have to buy one for myself!

  2. Cute school supplies! I love the Sound of Music, too. I saw a live production of it two years ago and it is my favorite one I have seen yet!
    -Abbey from American Girl Adventures

  3. Your school supplies is adorable! I (and my dolls too!) also love back to school shopping!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed The Sound of Music! When I watched it, I couldn't get "16 Going on 17" out of my head either!!!! :)

    ~pioneerfan04 and my AG dolls

  4. Awesome school supplies! Your backpack and lunchbox are adorable! :)
    I like the name "The Drama Queens"! The Sound of Music is really good. I love that song too.

  5. Cool school supplies, LOL! I know a girl who's into musical theater.

  6. My sister has the lunchbox! It looks like you'll be going back to school in style!