Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My First Day of School (the Extended Edition)

Hey, Cali here! How was everyone's first days of school? Mine was pretty good but I did have a run-in with an O'Malley...not Nellie, though! Her cousin, actually, Natalie O'Malley. Natalie looks just like Nellie but she is amazingly nicer and way less snobby. I asked her if she was close with Nellie and she said "yes" so I didn't say anything more about Nellie...but I did tell her about school since she's new. I've been going here since first grade and I know it like the back of my hand! I make great friends, I have great teachers and I learn so much at FMSG. No offense, to the school Madame Montez Academy but I would rather go here any day. So anyway, it was a really fun day and we did a lot of cool stuff. My teacher, Senora Montoya, is (if you didn't already tell by the name) spanish! She used a lot of spanish words around us so I knew a few from my spanish classes that I took in 3rd grade. For instance, gato means cat, casa means home, perro means dog and yes is si. I also know some phrases but I have NO clue how to spell them. 

Madi is in my class which I was thankful for since it's basically the last semester we're ever going to go to school together again :-( I'm still sad about the whole moving thing but I've gotten over it some. I'm trying to live in the moment!

The only thing that wasn't great about my first day was the homework- we got 100 multiplication facts to complete and we had to fill in an All-About-Me survey. Ugh!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! My first day outfit! To see it you have to go to my Picasa newest album: This album also shows you a little bit more about my first day.

I guess I'm glad school has started up again. I can't wait to see what else we'll do! :-)


PS- I guess this post wasn't super long. I'm sorry!


  1. The album was VERY cute! Natalie seems nice :)

  2. That was nice of you to show Natalie around. Maybe you guys can get to be friends!
    That's sad that MAdi has to leave, but at least she is in your class for now!
    Senora Montoya sounds really nice. We have a Spanish teacher here, but she is really mean.
    That's too bad that you got a lot of homework.
    Great album! :)

  3. Sounds like you had as good a time as you could hope for, given that it's school. :P Anyway, cute album. Natalie seems nice, maybe the two of you could be friends -- in spite of Nellie being her cousin. Glad that Madi is in your class.