Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thinking of Rebecca...

As you all know, Sunny has been practically drooling over the new Rebecca doll. She says she's "so cute" and "a perfect friend for Samantha and Nellie" but I'm a little nervous about her. Yes, Rebecca's a pretty Historical Character and a probably a great playmate for the 1904 Girls but will she be nice???  That's what I'm worried about. Sunny says it's not set in stone that we're getting her but if we do get a new doll it will be Rebecca Rubin and it'll happen kinda soon. She still doesn't know if spending her money on the doll will be a good choice when she could get three or four outfits for the same price. What do YOU think she should do?

Well, today I got out Sunny's favorite Russian nesting dolls and played with them on the rug. My favorite one is the teeny tiny one that's about the size of my index finger!!! (Okay, it's not that small compared to me, but it is small compared to Sunny that's for sure).  I thought playing with the dolls would help me feel more like Rebecca, growing up in 1914- instead of good ol' 2009. It did! I love the paint detail on the dolls and their faces are so beautiful! I think I will talk Sunny into getting me my own nesting dolls...after she buys me that Ruthie doll I've been wanting so badly! 

Okay, anyway, do you like the new background??? I chose it 'cause it's my favorite colors (turquoise and lime green) and because it's just plain pretty. I hope you readers like it! 

Nothings really been going on around here lately, other than the fact that Lauren and Rachelle left a couple days ago. On the bright side, I have 8 followers! Thanks to all you who have followed my blog and/or left comments! Adios!

Yours truly,

(Rebecca pic courtesy of AG Magazine)


  1. You could always try sewing your own

  2. I have Rebecca. She's soooo pretty! I like her hair. She's the first doll I have with curly hair, so it's kind of hard to manage. I just pulled it into a loose ponytail. I hope you can get her!

  3. I think Rebecca is very pretty as well. Samantha and Nellie would probably like a new friend! I think that if Sunny wants a new doll she should get one. It looks like you guys have a lot of clothes, and you can always do lots of mix-and-match outfits.

    Those dolls are so cute! My owner has some and one of the smallest is the perfect size for me.

    I like your new background, it's very pretty! The colors are great!

  4. Hi Cali!
    Rebecca seems like a nice girl, I snuck Spencer's book and read it when she wasn't looking. *hahaha* in the whole book she's deciding if she should buy something for herself or give money to others. She makes a great choice and is able to get both! *is trying not to spoil the book*
    I love the new background! It fits your personality and it looks very "designer".
    Mara and the Sister In heart gang

  5. I think Samantha and Nellie will not like Rebecca. After all, she did replace them. Samantha's hair is hard to manage and Rebecca looks like she has hair almost just like it. She is a pretty doll, but I don't think Samantha & Nellie will like it.

    Jess From