Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Look what Sunny found!

Thanks for all your ideas on what to name the club- they were all real good. As you can see I added a poll for you to vote on. All your ideas (and an idea a friend gave me over the phone) have been added. Thanks ;-)

Oh, I almost forgot pioneerfan04! Oklahoma is a very good musical. Sunny was in the show at her summer drama camp ;-) You should definitely watch it!
Anyways, Sunny has pulled through for us dolls yet again! Yesterday she found something really cool at a used bookstore... an Addy (girl of 1864!) playbook!!! :-D I didn't even know AG made those. I think it must've been old because I know they don't make them currently. Jane and I thought it would be really cool if we could put on this play sometime with our new club so we read over the script this morning. Our other club members were still asleep so we tried not to wake them. Jane and I had fun reading the play.

I think we will tell the others (a.k.a Victoria and Noelle) about the Addy playbook at the next club meeting. That is also when the club name poll closes and we find out our musicals club name!



  1. Thanks for telling me it was a good movie!!!! I can't wait to watch it! :)
    Oh, I used to have a Molly playbook! It was my older cousin's and she gave it to me since I told her I loved AG. But then I sold it on eBay. :(
    Anyway, that's awesome you found the Addy one!! :)


  2. Ooh, that Addy play looks fun! I voted for "Drama Queens" for your club name. :-) Have you ever seen The Music Man? That's my favorite musical!

    -Anna Lee

  3. Coolio!

    - Kit from Amazing A.G. Dolls

  4. Neat find! We have several of the old historical plays and the director's guide that goes to Addy's play.

    I'm with Anna Lee; The Music Man is one of my favorite musicals, too. See? I knew I forgot to mention one.


  5. What an awesome find...I'd love to have that!

  6. Hey Cali!
    That's great! We have Addy's acting book to, and it's really cool! I know I'm late, but here's some names for your club!
    Toon Teens-or teen tunes whatever :D
    The Half Notes-that's a music note, AI just thought it'd be cool.
    Sorry they're late!

  7. Those are really good ideas, Emily and Spencer but Blogger won't let me add them to the poll since people already voted. Thanks anyway, I really liked those suggestions! ;-)

    Music Man is now next on my list of musicals I need to watch, Anna Lee and Sophie! I've heard about it but I haven't got around to watching it just yet. ;-)

    Thanks for commenting everyone!!!