Monday, August 24, 2009

My Last Day of Summer

Sadly, today is my final day of summer- school starts tomorrow! I am sort of excited but not really. I mean, I bet I'm going to have loads of homework. I do want to see my friends again, though! :-) At FMSG you have to choose two electives out of dance, orchestra, band, choir, soccer, jazz, gym and art. I chose jazz club and soccer since I joined them over the summer and had really fun. Other classes I am enrolled in are math, science, advanced reading and advanced history. I just hope I get a few classes with my friends! 

I'm still in shock that Madi will only be at FMSG for half the year! Then she's moving to some private school with snobby Nellie (see previous post). I decided to talk to her today about why she hadn't told me about Nellie and Madame Montez Academy today:

"Hi, Madi," I said when I walked into her dorm room this morning. 
"Hey, Cali," Madi said, smiling. "What's up?"
"Um, why did you keep Madame Montez a secret from me, your BEST friend?" I wondered.
Madi looked puzzled. "Who told you about Madame Montez?"
"This girl Nellie. I saw her at the theater a couple days ago," I answered. "She had short strawberry-blonde hair and lotsa freckles."
Madison's face flushed. "I'm SO sorry," she said. "I wanted to tell you but I thought you'd be so mad at me you wouldn't want to be friends anymore." 
I frowned. "That could never happen! I think I'd be less mad if you told me beforehand, though."
Madi grinned and gave me a huge bear hug. I just knew that even if Madi wouldn't be at Frosted Meadows School for Girls she'd still be one of my closest friends :-)

Since  I was near Noelle's dorm I decided to stop in and check on how her back-to-school preparations were going. When I walked in I nearly toppled over clothes she had strewn all over the floor. Her roommate Anne Marie looked at me flustered. Anne Marie is a shy, quiet, clean-freak so this mess was probably making her crazy. 
"Um, what on EARTH is going on in here?" I wondered, picking up a wrinkly pink sweater.
Noelle was holding a silk blouse and an a-line skirt. "I'm picking out what I am going to wear tomorrow. Anne Marie's helping."
Anne Marie stared at the floor. "She means I'm picking up her mess." 
I couldn't help but laugh. "Well, did you find any possible outfits?" I asked Noelle.
"Yes, actually. I narrowed it down to three outfits," Noelle replied.  
"Well, try them on!" I exclaimed.

Noelle's first outfit "Outfit A":

This outfit consists of a blue long-sleeved shirt with a pink bird graphic, jeans with matching graphics on the bottom, the headband from the JLY current meet outfit and the ballet flats from the JLY current meet outfit.

Noelle's second outfit "Outfit B":

This outfit consists of the "I Like Your Style" JLY top, the 2007 JLY Holiday Outfit skirt, the current JLY meet outfit headband and the ballet flats from the current JLY meet outfit. 

Noelle's third outfit "Outfit C":

This outfit consists of the light purple sweater from Kit's meet outfit, the vanilla-colored turtle  neck from the JLY travel outfit, the skirt from the JLY travel outfit, the headband from the current JLY meet outfit and the sparkly pink shoes from the 2007 Holiday Outfit. 

"Which one do you like best?" she wondered.
I shrugged. "I like them all."

So here's where you guys come in! Look at each picture carefully and then vote for your favorite outfit on the poll. The outfit with the most votes by tomorrow at 7 am will be the outfit Noelle wears on her first day of school. My outfit has already been chosen  and will remain secret until the special "My First Day of School" post tomorrow. Happy voting and have a great last day of summer and first day of school!



  1. My school starts tomorrow, too. I am excited because I'm going to a special school for the arts. I like outfit C because the blue and the pink look cute together. Good luck at school!

  2. Hi! you have a lot of friends! I can't wait to see your outfit! Me, My sisters and friends go back to school tomarrow too. Which is kinda weird that we start on a tuesday but whatever.
    See you later! Sandy A.
    Jenna's note-this comment was made by a doll!

  3. Hi,
    I didn't know you had a blog, I love it, I will add it to my favorite blog list right now.


    Your Friend,
    (ruthies view)

  4. Okay, I'm too late to vote, but I really like Outfit C because I have the same outfit. It's one of my very favorites. :) Anyway, I hope your first day went well!