Monday, August 3, 2009

Goodbye, Lauren & Rachelle!

I can't believe Lauren and Rachelle left this morning! After that sleepover, we'd gotten so close... I wasn't surprised Jane and I both cried when their taxi came to drive them to the airport. I just read that post where I was complaining how I thought they were "stuck-up" and I couldn't believe how my relationship with them had changed in only a matter of days! 

It was really sad when we said our goodbyes to each other and tried to be happy and joke. But it really didn't work. Noelle said from her point of view me and Jane were acting like drama queens- she's one to talk! I gave Lauren my favorite model horse, Harvey. She absolutely loved it! I gave Rachelle a handmade card with a picture of her on it. She absolutely loved it, too! Then we hugged and Lauren and Rachelle hopped into the yellow taxi and left. I guess it was kind of dramatic. But Lauren and Rachelle assured me that they'd be back at Thanksgiving!!! ;-)


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