Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Wizard of Oz & My Enemy

A picture of me with my Wizard of Oz dolls (Dorothy and Glinda) and my "ruby slippers"!

Thanks to my recent obsession with musicals Sunny decided to take me to Frosted Meadows Theater to see the Wizard of Oz movie. FMT usually shows classics or old movies so this was really cool. The theater is very neat inside (somewhat medieval looking) and BIG! But unfortunately Sunny wasn't allowed to take pics while in the theater. :-( Anyways, we got popcorn, Pepsi and Reese's Pieces at the theater and then sat down and talked until the movie started...then I saw another doll!!! She was a few rows ahead of our's so I asked Sunny if I could talk to her. She was very pretty and her hair was in a fancy-pancy style.
"Hi, I'm Cali," I said, smiling.
"Hello. My name's Nellie O'Malley," said the doll.
"Do you go to FMSG?" I asked. I guessed she did because that's practically the only doll school for miles.
"Uh, no. I go to Madame Montez Academy. Do you go to Frosted Meadows?" Nellie wondered.
I nodded.
"No wonder. Most of the richer dolls go to Madame Montez," laughed Nellie. I thought that sounded kind of snobby.
"Do you know Madison Ling?" asked Nellie.
My face brightened. "Yeah! She's one of my best friends."
"Oh...did she tell you?" Nellie said, her face suddenly looking sympathetic.
"Tell me what?" I asked.
"She's transferring to Madame Montez after winter break," Nellie said. "We met at a banquet in June and I told her about the school. She immedietly wanted an interview and Madame Montez immediately wanted her.'s sort of my fault she's moving to a new school." Her voice was not sincere. Something about this Nellie person made me suspicious.
"Oh, okay," I said, waving to her and walking back to Sunny. I tried to enjoy the show but I had a gut feeling that me and Nellie were NOT going to be friends. I also was sad that Madi hadn't told me about Madame Montez Academy.

So I guess you could say I had a fun day (I went to see the Wizard of Oz) and a terrible day (NELLIE!!! and the fact that Madi is moving in the winter) all at once. I guess I'll just read book. That always makes me feel better! (especially Harry Potter...)



  1. I have those same Wizard of Oz dolls! I also have the complete script to the musical. I am glad that you went to see it and liked it (well, at least most of it). Nellie just makes me mad!

  2. I'm so sorry that Madi is moving! I hope you'll still be able to see eachother, or maybe she'll change her mind. Nellie does seem kind of snobby. I don't know if she was trying to be mean, that's just her personality.

    The Wizard of Oz is a great movie and book! Those dolls are cute.

  3. Just like Dolls and more dolls, I have those two exact dolls! Well, Emmie does, you guys could start a Wizard on the web club! She loves Wizard Of Oz!
    I'm sorry about Nellie, that's weird that Madi's never talked about her before!

  4. Why is Nellie everyone's enemy? The one here is really sweet and shy, and would never be mean to anyone! That sounds more like Mia or maybe Marisol (those GOTYs are so stuck up! Except for Jess, she's nice. ;)

    Anyway, the Wizard of Oz is cool, but I like Wicked better. :D

    ~Rose (I'm on Starr's account!)

  5. I'm so sorry Cali! Madison should have talked to you about it. Maybe it's time to start looking for some new friends.