Saturday, August 1, 2009

Time Traveling With Kirsten- Part Two

Hi, I'm back with the next chapter in the adventures of Time Traveling with the girl of 1854, Kirsten Larson. Here's what happened after she and Madi met Kaya and the cub...

"We've been following these tracks for hours," Madi complained. "These shoes are making my feet hurt."
"Come on, Madi," Kirsten said, encouragingly. "I'm sure Claw's parents are near."
Kaya nodded. "Yes."
Madi frowned but kept walking. The Minnesota sun was beating down on the dolls and it seemed like everyone was feeling irritable- even sweet Kirsten. "I don't remember 1854 being so hot!" she said as she put on her red checkered bonnet to protect her from the sun's rays.
Kaya smiled. "Are you, Kirsten Larson, animal lover up???"
Kirsten put her hands on her hips. "I never said that, Kaya. Now let's find those bears!"
The bears were nowhere in sight for the next two miles. Right when Kaya was about to suggest Kirsten and Madi should go back to 2009, two big brown masses caught Madi's eyes. "Is that...? No, it couldn't be...could it?" She pointed at the brown lumps.
"You found them, Madi. You found Claw's parents!" Kaya shouted, throwing her arms in the air as Claw the bear cub ran to the bears. He roared playfully and licked his mother's face. Madi and Kirsten couldn't help but feel proud that they'd helped the bear find it's family. It was the perfect way to end a trip to 1854. ;-)

I hope you enjoyed Kirsten, Madi and Kaya's magnificent time traveling adventure! I know I did!

Cali*** (the all powerful story teller)


  1. Hi! Nice to meet you!
    Cool story, you tell storys pretty good!
    I read a few of your older posts, I love the dress Jane is wereing in the post "look who's here" I wish it wasn't retired :(
    Bye! Jenna (your new blogging buddy!)

  2. Aww, Claw is adorable! I'm glad Madi, Kirsten, and Kaya were able to find his parents.